Saturday, February 6, 2016

TimeAlarm allow easier management of alarms in iOS 9

Time Alarm is a tweak available in Cydia during last night for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and with his help we can have total control of alarms set in the iOS 9 operating system, they are accessible from any interface.

According to the developer TimeAlarm, tweak allows activating a special menu that offers the option to control alarms in iOS 9, any changes you make in this menu is found in the Clock application.

Ever wanted to quickly turn an alarm on or off? How about delete, edit or even add an alarm from anywhere? If so TimeAlarm is for you. TimeAlarm presents a menu displaying your alarms allowing you to quickly edit them from anywhere. TimeAlarm requires Activator to set it’s invocation, by default it’s set to LS clock double tap. 

TimeAlarm is available for download from the BigBoss repo of Cydia.

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