Friday, February 5, 2016

WhatsApp wins support video calls, learn how

Who would want to imitate FaceTime with contacts WhatsApp can finally breathe relieved. Thanks to the application Booyah, who uses the most famous messenger of mobile systems can use the front camera of your mobile device to see and be seen by your friends or colleagues, making virtual communication more fun and carefree work.

According to the description of the developers, the application takes a super fast method of video conferencing users of text conversation platform, which has 1 billion active participants per month. Besides the high speed promise, the interesting app also promotes a high security by encrypting the consumer's personal information, it's all free - and without registration!

The use of Booyah application happens in a simple and intuitive way. After download, simply access it and allow it to enjoy your phone camera, completing the initial setup before starting to enjoy all that the app has to offer. Not need any registration or confirmation, you need only touch Start Now, or start now, in literal translation, select one of your contacts to be redirected for WhatsApp and go to the conversation via video.

If you do not want a dialogue, the application also allows for group communication, dividing the screen into multiple images from the cameras of his friends. Enough to use various platforms for different conversations means now WhatsApp gets the deserved complement, even if the function is still outsourced.

Of course, for communication via video possible, both interested Booyah need the app installed on their mobile phones, for only then communication with the server, also in charge of the application developer can happen normally. When you invite someone to a video conference, the app sends a link on WhatsApp conversation with the person in question, and the URL after redirect the recipient automatically identifies whether it has downloaded the tool in your gadget. If the answer is yes, the video chat will start immediately, if not, the link will serve as an invitation to make the download in the virtual store titles. Can not be easier than that.

Android and Windows still out

Unfortunately for users Google and Microsoft's operating system, Android and Windows Phone / Mobile 10 are still out of Booyah compatibility list. So just who owns an Apple cell phone, crucially with iOS 8 installed, or any later version to it, you can enjoy all that the application has to offer. Still, there is hope for the very developer confirms that it is working on a version for devices with little robot, but this would take some time to happen. Are you interested? Follow the link from the Apple App Store and to download a version on your iPhone, sharing with your friends who also have an Apple device.

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