Monday, November 7, 2016

Apple Releases iOS 10.2 Beta 2. Here's All The News

Apple has just released iOS 10.2 beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The new version for the moment is dedicated only for developers. We have released a post including all iOS 10 previous versions. At the same time, they were released: watchOS 3.1.1 beta 2 and beta 2 TVOS 10.1.

Regarding the iPhone software update which weighs about 150MB, we find :

1. The addition of the TV, the one announced during the last Apple event. Along app also comes a new Widgets to be included in or lockscreen Notification Center, always linked to the TV service that will be available in an initial period in the US alone. The TV app seems to be a recompile of the app native "Video"

Note: despite the availability of the same update for TVOS, the Apple TV is not yet included the TV application.

2. With iOS 10.2 and during the initial configuration after the upgrade, you will be required to pass two-factor authentication. Apple will push all users to better protect their own accounts. This comes from the beta 1.

3. has not yet been corrected the problem with the "and" conjunction, to which an apostrophe is added automatically.

Check the video below to see all new features on iOS 10.2 bet 2 :

We consider that previous features are the highlights on iOS 10.2 beta 2. Stay tuned with us until Apple release the last version of iOS 10.2 for public. 

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