Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Apple's New Patent May Be Applied On iPhone 8

A new patent by Apple was published today shows what is in effect a folding iPhone can integrate well two displays as shown below at the figure. Apple also gives some signs that this feature may be applied on the next iPhone 8. Let's see the figure below after the following jump.

The patent was filed on August 28 but it became known today, it is a very similar to the current iPhone model with a same Home button. The peculiarity is that the device is made of glass, ceramic, aluminum and carbon nano-tubes. The iPhone will be able to bend literally in half and to propose different displays to the user. The device has a hinge to tie the whole thing and a host of features to optimize it according to the user needs. A lot of leaked news also refers to the possibility to bend the next iPhone or to do more than bend as shown on the next video below. 

Apple Patent Flexible Displays That Do More Than Bend:

This is definitely a revolutionary innovation but we can't confirm that it will be applied soon. Any way don't forget to follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter page and Google+ page to cover you with everything new.

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