Tuesday, November 1, 2016

iPhone 8 Will Be Supported With Wireless Charging Feature [ Leaked News ]

After Apple's patent of iPhone bending possibility, Another leaked news today by a Japanese publisher confirm that Apple will bring wireless charging to the iPhone 8 that will release next year, according to a new report today by a Japanese publisher. The report claims that Apple is awaiting for confirmation from its iPhone designer Foxconn as the company is still working to boost yield rates for wireless components required to satisfactory levels. Let's read more after the jump.

Apple's builder Foxconn said that wireless charging will be ready and available for at least one iPhone next year.

The wireless charging feature is not a new feature as it is well known and found with many devices but the difference here is that Apple’s wireless technology will include the ability to charge the device from a distance instead of having to place it on a charging pad and it might represent a new revolution in technology and mobile phone's world.

“The source adds that Foxconn is making modules that will be incorporated into the handsets, but it is unclear whether all iPhone models for release in 2017 will come with the new function.”

Will Apple make the surprise and push the iPhone 8 with the wireless charging feature ? Any way let's wait and see. Don't forget to follow us on our Facebook page, Twitter page and Google+ page to cover you with everything new.

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