Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How To Fix iMessage On iOS 10 And Avoid Crashing Your iPhone [Video]

How To Fix iMessage On iOS 10 And Avoid Crashing Your iPhone [Video] - A text message with imessage on iOS 10 can crash or freeze your iPhone. Fortunately, the fix is easy to implement this time around. Let's see how to fix this problem but after the following jump.

The text, which is simply a combination of four characters – a white flag emoji followed by a character called VS16, a zero, and a rainbow emoji – can freeze any recipient iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS 10,10.2.1 for two, even three minutes at a time, after which the device will respring automatically.

As to why this combination of characters causes devices to freeze, the source speculates that it is the result of the device attempting to combine two characters that it cannot. The VS16 character tells the device to combine adjacent characters. In this case, the device attempts to combine the flag emoji and zero into one character while actually trying to yield the the rainbow flag character, which is a combination of the white flag and rainbow emojis.

Fortunately, it takes a bit of work to send the text from one iOS device to another, with one of the two methods involved requiring a computer and the recipient device to be on iOS 10 – 10.1.1. The second method, authored by YouTuber EverythingApplePro, works across all current versions of iOS 10, including 10.2.1 betas, and doesn’t require a computer, though it does take a tad longer.

There is no protection against the text short of blocking any contacts that have a history of sending it to you, and the only quick fix upon receiving the text is, as mentioned earlier, forcing a reboot. The Messages app may, in certain cases, fail to load even after the affected device has been resprung or restarted. The fix for this too is a simple one, thankfully. The following simple steps will get your Messages app back up and running if it happens to continue crashing or loading to a blank, white screen after reboot/respring.

Step 1: On your device, launch Safari and head on over to

Step 2: Select Open from the dialogue box that appears to jump into the Messages app.

Step 3: Exit out of the new thread it creates within the app and delete any threads with the text that caused your device to crash.

Let's see the video below which shows how the text message could crash your iPhone :

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