Tuesday, February 14, 2017

iPhone 8 Will Support Wireless Charging In Vicinity Without Charging Base

Long time ago and till now, we are talking about iPhone wireless charging but the only certainty is that the next iPhone would be introduced with wireless charging. Other vendors support this type of charging for many years through an induction system that involves the use of a base on which simply supports smartphones without cables or anything. Let's read more after the following jump.

Charging by induction as we said is not new in the market and Apple so far has refused to add it to iPhone because Steve Jobs thought it was awkward and unnecessary. Recharging the smartphone with a wire has some benefits and merits as we have the freedom to take it anywhere, reply messages, calls and everything else as it continues to charge. On the other hand, the wireless charging is restricted where the phone is left resting on the surface.

Lately wireless charging is "fashion back" thanks to the progress made by Energous, a company that has managed to develop a system that recharges the smartphone remotely, even when it is not supported to the base but is located in the vicinity. This system gives a greater freedom of movement to use and it really represents a real revolution.

The next iPhone will be launched in September and it may be too early to include the new type of remote wireless charging, therefore we can not know on what actually fall back option the choice of Cupertino.

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