6 Parts of Yoga Lifestyle you might be Overlooking

Yoga is really a historical exercise formed by Indians originally. The thing about yoga is that it’s simple at first and then it keeps escalating and getting harder and harder. People can spend their whole life and still not be able to get bored with this amazing exercise.

Yoga is not just some stretches, some flexible exercises, and etc. When you’re trying to learn yoga you always tend to miss the most important parts of yoga. There are many people who do yoga every day for years. They still don’t really get the things that yoga is helping them with other than what they think it is. The mysterious yoga origin and history is still a secret for many people there doing and learning yoga.

Even we don’t know what the secrets and everything that yoga teaches, but we do know 6 things that most people overlook while learning yoga.

Yoga is based on Ancient Vedic teachings: Many people don’t know this but, like I said yoga is originally was founded by Indians. This ancient exercise is based on Vedas. Did you know that yoga has been transformed many times since the first ‘Rig Vedas’? The teachings of yoga have been evolved by the four Vedas described in Sanskrit that is the most ancient language ever knows and used world wide. The history tells us that we had 4 Vedas, and each Vedas has its own culture, wisdom to share and own teaching to teach us. The ‘Rig Vedas’ considered the first and the oldest Vedas, with have thousands of Hindus hymns for all the Hindu goddesses and gods. You can find all of them in ‘Rig Vedas’ the Vedas teaches us and it was explained by Swami Vivekananda that the soul is Divine and bounded by our body, when perfection reaches it the bond will be broken and it will be free from the imperfections body free from the death and free from the misery.

Sun salutations have more meaning than you think: The exercise that you people do in yoga called sun salutations or sun salute. Its purpose was originally to give respect to the sun who’s been there before any species ever born on the planet and the Hindus who worship the sun. They used to do this every morning at the time of Sun rise with chants and mantras and pray to the sun while offering the sun god with flowers and water. The thing with sun salutations is that it has been evolved tremendously without any doubt. But the real meaning of it stays the same for many people. The Hindus used to do sun salutations that they called Surya Namaskar for giving respect to the sun. Surya means sun and Namaskar mean bow so they used to say that, Oh, lord sun we bow in front of you as a sign of respect. Many people still follow this In India and take this very seriously.

Prana is very real: If you doubt in the Prana which is the flow of energy through the body opening the paths and different gateways in the body and releasing the energy flow. Then don’t because it is as real as humans are. The starting of yoga we learn some medications and poses we think that it’s just giving us better health. While we do it we forget that the real thing that yoga is doing for us letting us control the energy that we have in our body and letting it pass through the body, spirit, and mind. Many people do reach a state where they can open the 7 gates inside their body which are been locked to control the immense energy and power inside our body we think human body is not that powerful but we don’t know it’s one of the most powerful body and if you opened all the 7gates you can do some things that will be scientifically impossible to explain and unbelievable to trust even after looking it in front of our eyes. You people must have been heard about Gautam Buddha, he did open the 7 gates and if you have learned about his life you would know the regeneration speed and every thing the glow of body and mind was on another level.

Nature is part of us and is inside us and outside too: Yoga names are related to nature’s only. If you notice that the names given to the poses were basically based on nature. Which also been believed that we take energy from nature like it takes the energy from us. Even though we don’t know yet the human body is more suitable to stay in nature with absorbing its energy and taking the energy flow from it. You must have seen this in a very popular show called dragon ball, where it’s main character gather energy from all the earth nature to make an energy bomb. That does happen, not making the bomb but yeah you do take energy from nature especially if you are doing yoga in the garden or some place outside.

Knowing about yourself: When we talk about yoga it’s basically letting us be who we are and learn what we can do our ability, our peace of mind, our energy. It let you connect with yourself. Yoga is a path for your soul, mind, and body to connect as one. It can’t be reached that easily but it’s not impossible either. When you practice yoga or even when you just doing simple things in life you evolve every day and change a little by little every day. The yoga lets you answer that with time and make you realize that who you are.

Self-realization: Yoga makes you realize the meaning of life, the problems, and the solutions. When you try life and choose the path of the yogi. It leads you to be a better person with a better understanding of this world and of yourself. You will know your weakness and your strength you will know your limitations and how to change them and take them to another level. Yoga lets you discover every answer that you had with your life at some point.


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