A Nosweat Fullbody Workout for busy days

Love working out? But because of some work and busy schedule you are not being able to. Even with the diet, you don’t get enough results as there is no physical activity on your whole day. That happens more often than you think. People with lots of office work and traveling don’t have that much time to work on their body. Even when they are dieting and controlling the food they don’t get any results at all. As their work makes them sit all day, especially people in a cubicle office doing 8 to 10 hours shift a day. They don’t have time to get to the gym it’s hard to work 10 hours and then come home and not be tired. The only time they must get is before heading to work and that is not much. As they need to sleep too. so I will tell you some of the full-body workout that I recommend and do when I need to have some exercise done without sweating much.

Let me tell you this here, there is no workout that won’t make you sweat. But, there are some ways where you can make your body not to sweat a lot and not to get sticky.

First, let’s talk about the workout and how not to sweat between workouts. One of the simple things go slow with proper form and relax enough between sets, so your body won’t stay super hot and sweat a lot.

Start with some upper body

Go for push-ups while doing them remember you need to go slow and normal pace don’t rush into it. If you do that you won’t be able to get that much effect and surely you will sweat we will do 4 sets of 20 reps. If you can’t do that try doing knee push-ups or wall push-ups.

Once it’s done let’s move to chest Stretch. It’s one of the things I recommend as people don’t really do stretches after a workout. Which I think can lead to stiff muscles and pain and that you don’t want. So we will get 4 sets of 10 to 30 seconds of chest stretch that will give your chest the relaxation from push-ups and give you a great form also. For this exercise, you don’t need anything and every person can do it. This is my super basic and must exercise you will know why once you do it.

Once you have done this we will go to our abdomen part.

This is one of the most focus parts we need to cover. This area gains fat faster than any other parts and this is where the extra fat comes and gets stored. So we will do basic crunches start with 3 sets of 15 reps and make sure you giving your body rest of 1 minute in between so you won’t sweat a lot.

After that we will go to leg raises, this particular exercise is a little hard especially if you are fat so do 3 sets as many as you can.

The rest is important to remember when you trying not to sweat a lot.

Now we will get rid of the extra fat that you have been carrying around your sides. The love Handel is the ones that show quickly when you gain weight. So there are many exercises you can do but I will recommend you doing bicycle crunches which can really help you with that and will affect a lot. Do 3 sets as many as you can and make sure to take 1 min rest at least between sets.

Next, once we were done we will go to the lower part.

So for our lower body part, we will start with a basic bodyweight squat with proper form. Start with 4 sets of 15 to 20 reps and make sure your form stays correct. If you don’t know you can google the correct form and follow that. This is the basis of the lower body exercises but the most effective one will activate your back of the thigh, your glutes, and your front quads that are your thighs.

Moving to next exercise known as calf raises which is where you will lose the fat of your legs below the kneecap that is your calf part and for this, you just do 4 sets of 20 to 25reps. Simple exercise easy to do and very effective.

When you are done with that you need to finish it with lower body stretch.

So go to YouTube to learn many stretches as there are varieties of them which will suit you. Just focus on the parts where you did exercise and stretch only those.


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