Best-selling Landline Phones in India 2020

As technology has progressed over the years, Landlines telephones have slowly faded into the background. Although they may not be as popular, Landlines remain an important means of communication in many parts of the country. People situated in rural areas may not have the privilege or the knowledge to operate a smartphone. This where landline phones come in handy. These phones are extremely helpful during an emergency.

This article is going to list out some of the best-selling landline phones in India 2020. The key features to look for when purchasing a landline phone are if it is cordless/corded, Analog/digital, and if it has a Phonebook or caller id. Do check best cordless phone in india.

Top-selling Landline Phones India 2020:

  1. Motorola Fixed Wireless Phone Fw 200 L:

The Motorola Fixed Wireless phone is the most efficient, best-performing model available in the current market. It comes at an affordable price and includes great features. The phone can be used in both commercial and home environments. Its easy installation quality and easy interface make it a must-have product.


  • The Motorola Fixed Wireless phone has great battery backup as well as brilliant audio quality.
  • The Moto landline has a sleek design and a backlit display. The product also features call timer settings, alarm settings, and much more.
  • The Moto landline is compatible with most Indian network service
  • The product can store up to 1000 numbers and has up to 10 input languages you can choose accordingly.
  • The Moto Landline even has a built-in calculator and FM radio. The device also can store contact information and messages.
  • Moto provides a one-year service warranty for its landline device.


  • The Moto Landline is easy to use and has many features, such as the caller Id, alarm settings, Radio, and more.
  • The Moto device is extremely handy to use and it is a perfect device for all your communication requirements and more.


  • The Hands-free feature of the Motorola Fixed Wireless Phone has poor audio quality.

Panasonic KX-TSC62SXB Corded Telephone:

This popular Landline phone has been a hit in the Indian market for some time now. The sleek design and the corded model has made it a popular choice among the masses. Panasonic provides a 1-year warranty on the product. The landline is compatible with most Indian service networks.


  • The Panasonic KX model has a 7-segment display
  • This landline model from Panasonic has an alphanumeric display, and stores up to 30 call logs.
  • The Panasonic landline has a pulse and switchable tone feature as well as Caller ID.


  • The Caller Id feature of the Panasonic KX model is advantageous
  • The landline phone has a comfortable keypad that also features a speakerphone
  • The Switchable and pulse setting equipped in the Panasonic landline is a good feature.


  • Although the product is lightweight, it looks quite bulky.

Binatone Trend 1 Corded Landline Phone:

The Binatone corded landline is a handy home assistant built just for you. It is suitable for commercial and official uses as well. The phone is easy to install and portable.


  • A key feature of the Binatone landline is the voice enhancer. It increases the audio clarity of phone calls ensuring smooth communication.
  • The Binatone phone is designed to be situated o walls for easy accessibility.
  • It has good keypad width and can store up to 28 number history.


  • The Binatone has a sleek design and is easy to install.
  • The landline is built for easy accessibility, the Binatone also allows users to switch the dialer tone.
  • The Binatone landline has Caller ID


  • The caller ID feature of the Binatone Landline phone does not work when the battery is low.

Oriental KX-T555CID Landline Caller ID Phone:

This compact landline phone is perfect for both home and office uses. The device is lightweight and has been designed to be mounted on a wall for easy accessibility.


  • The Oriental KX model has an LCD screen. It also features a 12-digit calendar which makes the KX model a popular selection.
  • The FSK/DTMF system auto-detection is equipped in the Oriental landline phone, this feature is especially handy in an office setting because side users can access information.


  • The Oriental landline is equipped with a soft-touch keypad.
  • The FSK/DTMF system auto-detection feature is one of the key highlights of the product.


  • The Oriental Landline phone is equipped with a cord that connects the transponder. Along with the same, you have a mouthpiece set that is shorter which makes communication a tad bit harder.


These are the Best-selling Landline Phones in India 2020. Hopefully, this helps you choose the perfect landline phone-based on your preference.


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