The Best Place to go Apple Picking in Virginia

If you are living in Virginia or near that place there are so many things you can do. Do you know that an apple a day keeps the doctor away? I’m pretty sure you knew that. But did you think you will get a pure apple in the market these days? I highly doubt that as in my place you don’t get what you get is that hybrid one that has given many chemicals to grow bigger and quickly before their time.

People might want a fresh apple-like I do. So the best thing to do is go and pick them up yourself and get fresh apples for you and your family. No, I’m not telling you to go and get an apple tree. Which you can do but it will take your time and care, I’m telling you to go and get some fresh apples for you and your family. Being in Virginia gives you that luxury.

Hartland orchard

It’s is a 1-hour drive there to heartland orchard, but totally worth it when you get there. The orchard provides you with a lot of different varieties of apple, including the apple of France called summer Rambo Apple. Why it’s called that? Simple it grown in summer in France. When you get there for your apple picking you will see cows following you up the road. There you get a good price of 12dollars for half a bushel bag and in 20 you get a full bushel bag.

Drumheller’s orchard

This particular orchard is a little far, it will take you up to 3 hours to get there. But, for sure will be worth your time as how many places will give you a taste of history right? When you get there at Drumheller’s Orchard there will be Jona gold apples from the folks that used to eat them 1820s will be waiting for you and you also get Japan apple called the Mutsu apple for you with the grimes gold apple that is from Virginia natives. There are few more apples there but if you get lucky with you there’s a possibility of finding peaches too there. Here you get 7 dollars price for a peck of apples.

Carter Mountain Orchard

It’s also far the same as Drumheller’s orchard a 3-hour drive. But this one worth more as when you get there the Gala apple will be waiting for you and an amazing view of the sunset in the hill too. You can go there with your family and children even take your dog let him enjoy some nature let him run wild. There are many things to do there at Carter Mountain Orchard that is go eat cider donuts there. The gathering of apple which is picking apple don’t take any charges and the apples you picked there you have to pay them per pound bases.

Great Country Farms

From the great city of Washington DC, it will take 1 hour to get there in these beautiful Great Country farms. The place opened a cidery that’s good news. Make sure when you get there in this amazing place you go at the time of noon. If you got any later than there’s a high possibility of finding crowd and not good apple as they would have already been taken by people so go a little early here and then enjoy a day when you are done picking apples and while you come back home don’t forget to get that cider donut with you for your way back home. The prices here are admission of 3plus are 8 dollars and adult Above 18 have to pay 10 dollars.

Mackintosh Fruit Farm

Amazing place that will take less than a 2-hour drive for you to reach there. It’s a great place for learning the farm offers you the complete guide on how they harvest their apple so you will know what you are eating. The Mackintosh Fruit Farm also offers you to enjoy it’s farm dinners where you can get free samples to pick. Don’t get super hungry for that as they urge you to stick to the sample only at that time and just to taste it. There are also strawberries there but you can say sometimes they get fewer strawberries. But, the apple picking there is good with other fruits too. The prices are shown in their weekly newsletter so check that before you go there.

So these are some of the best places you want to go to pick your apples from. Try everyone if you live in Virginia or near Virginia as you will have many chances to go to every place listed here and enjoy.…