How to Plan a Perfect Road Trip to Manali

In India, Himachal Pradesh there’s an amazingly beautiful place called Manali it’s one of the most visited tourist spots in the whole Indian and the most visited spot in whole Himachal Pradesh.

Now, why should we go to Manali?

If you asking that I don’t know what you are thinking? I mean it’s like asking why should we go to Disneyland. You don’t ask that, but if you did ask let me tell you that it’s a great spot for skiing, paragliding, trekking, and rafting In summer so why not go. It’s like little paradise you get in Himachal Pradesh. So you should definitely go there.

Now another questing on how to go there?

Well take the bus, train, go by car it’s up to you how you wanna make your trip of Manali a great. So while you decide how to go there, let’s talk about if you go by road how it feels. Well, I myself would recommend going on the road trip. Especially if you are with your friends or with your girlfriend because with friends it’s going to be great and with a girlfriend, it will be super romantic.

Now while you go by road make sure you check and book your places. Get a safe place with lots of people near and less chance of getting in any kind of trouble. Manali is a good place, but just like any other place, it has its own dark sides with bad people too. So, just be safe when you go and never go without planning.

What’s the best time to go there?

Well, as we said it’s an all-time favorite. You get winter adventure sports plus summer ones so go there anytime you want to. If you want cold and winter things the best time will be January and February as that time you can experience the snowfall. While if you want to visit in summer, try going at the time of July. But if you are a mature guy that loves nature more than anything. Then go at the time of September and October when there is monsoon. Have an experience of getting the green grass and hills with the perfect sunshine falling on them and a clear sky with stars at night. This is the best time to go rafting, trekking, and camping. Also, the Great way to experience Manali without much crowd. As if you went in holiday season for sure you will be so irritated by the crowd that will be gathered near you. So take some time off work or school at the mansion season to enjoy the beauty of nature and experience without any limitations.

Now if you want, you can take a flight to Bhuntar, as it’s the closest airport there just 50km away from Manali. While on road trips there are many ways depending on the path that you choose, but in the end, most people will end up on Chandigarh road where they will go to Manali. As people from most of the place would take the Chandigarh flight it’s the 2nd near the airport and also 6 to 8 hours of drive to Manali. While going on the trip you need to know a few things that will get traffic. Especially for people who are going in the time of holidays, it’s going to be super crowded and you may or may not get the traffic it’s unpredictable. So when you’re going from Chandigarh to Manali, make sure to keep it in your mind that it can be pretty crowded at that time even on the road.

While talking about the road itself, it’s really good condition with great views open views and you get many places where you can stop. If not in a hurry, then only you should as there are many things you can experience while going through the road. I personally go and stop I’m many spots as the places has its own things that will make your trip more exciting and memorable. Why just make the place where we going memorable to us, why not make the whole trip memorable. whether it’s a road trip to that place or it’s the place itself we should enjoy everything when we go somewhere that is the main aim of your vacation.


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