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Monday, August 31, 2015

Android Wear can be controlled from the iPhone starting today

Android Wear is the operating system developed by Google for SmartWatch's, and from today it can be controlled including iPhones using iOS running with a dedicated apply.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Google abandoned the idea to use the Android Wear on iPhone and iPad

During the conference, Google I / O 2015, Google talked about what innovations are implemented in the operating system Android Wear in the near future. Smart Clock running this operating system is in the range of many companies, including LG, Samsung, Sony and Motorola. Despite many speculations about the possibility of using these devices together with the iPhone and iPad, the conference has not been told anything.

Google I / O 2015: Android Wear account already has 4000 apps in the Play Store

The Google I / O 2015 is taking place exactly at that time, and the company is making this Thursday (28/5) very busy with their innovations. Fans giant's operating system received the formal revelation of "Android M" which will be the Lollipop successor. Also they announced the Inbox as a service available to all users. Now new information about the Android Wear.

Now HBO finally come to Android

Google has just announced, during its Google I / O conference, the company sealed its partnership with HBO, and the channel application will finally be available on Android and chromecast. Access to the app allows users to view the entire library online channel for only 14.99$ US per month with a free month for the first month, similar to Netflix.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Here's how to use the Moto 360 on iPhone without Jailbreak [video]

The Moto 360 is definitely one of the most interesting smartwatch market and perhaps one of the most suitable to compete with Apple Watch. But when the Moto 360 only supports Android. Pending the arrival of the long awaited official support, we look at how to connect a Moto 360 to an iPhone without using the Jailbreak.