Monday, February 15, 2016

Apple will fix the "1970 bug" in the next update

You've certainly must have heard that bug that turns your iPhone or iPad into a very expensive paperweight only that the unit's date changes to 1 January,1970, right? But know that Apple officially recognized this problem in its official website (in a support page) and promised that the next software update will correct it and ensure that in future no one harm because of it.

iPhone 7 will look like (Video)

Today we see how it will look iPhone 7 thanks to a concept developed on the basis of a majority rumors appeared on the Internet before, he quite accurately reproducing the image created by those from Apple or sources from partner companies.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

How to schedule messages on the iPhone without jailbreak

How to schedule messages on the iPhone without jailbreak? Apple does not natively enables us to schedule the sending of SMS messages from iPhone by application, Messages, or by other applications as is necessary to confirm sending the message.

Best new concept for iPhone 7

Best new concept for iPhone 7 was launched not too long ago, it's Apple featuring a terminal that is able to transform into a tablet in a few very simple steps thanks to a very interesting ideas.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 - release date revealed

iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will be presented in a conference that is scheduled to take place on 14 March, Apple maintaining its shared plans with a variety of partners in the last week of her information being disclosed.

Apple Mac Theme - a theme OS X for iPhone

Apple Mac Theme is a theme of the night last available in Cydia for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch's, and with his help we can implement change rather interesting iPhone running the latest version of iOS.

iOS 9.3 will be released in March according to Apple

iOS 9.3 is in beta testing process by Apple for more than three weeks, and many users eagerly await the launch of iOS 9.3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and the wait will not be quite so long.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

With the third beta of OS X 10.11.4, Apple has fixed a bug with links shortened in Safari

With the third beta version of OS X 10.11.4, Apple has corrected a problem at the Safari browser which manifested itself trying to load content from shortened links.

Bug which completely blocks any iPhone

Some iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch can be completely blocked by a potential bug recently discovered, it exists in all versions of iOS launched in recent years, this without Apple it be solved to date although he certainly is known to those in Cupertino .

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

iOS 9 is installed on 77% of Apple's devices

Apple Developer support page has been updated by plotting the data related to the adoption rate of the iOS 9 to 8 February, 2016.

OS X 10.11.4 public beta 3 was released

OS X 10.11.4 public beta 3 was released this evening with iOS 9.3 beta 3 public, users of Macs worldwide can install this new version of the operating system in their products.

iOS 9.3 beta 3 was released publicly

iOS 9.3 public beta 3 was released just two days after iOS 9.3 beta 3 was made available to application developers for the iOS platform, so starting this evening and regular users of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch may try the new version of the operating system.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Instagram has launched a new feature for iPhone

Instagram has officially launched today a function about which we spoke last week, iPhone application allowing users to log on now multiple accounts simultaneously in order to use them in parallel without logout from application every time.

watchOS 2.2 beta 3 and tvOS 9.2 beta 3 have been released

IOS 9.3 beta 3 could not be released without that watchOS 2.2 beta 3 and tvOS 9.2 beta 3 to be made available to developers of applications for the iOS platform, so Apple offers these newer builds, one for Apple Watch running in tandem.

OS X 10.11.4 beta 3 has been released

OS X 10.11.4 public beta 3  was released by Apple this evening together with iOS 9.3 beta 3, watchOS 2.2 beta 3 and tvOS 9.2 beta 3 in the full line of Cupertino updating operating systems, but with the beta releases of applications dedicated to developers.

IOS 9.3 beta 3 has been released!

IOS 9.3 beta 3 has been released by Apple company with just a few minutes ago in Cupertino by providing developers of applications for the iOS platform the opportunity to upgrade to the latest build of the upcoming versions of the operating system for your iPhone.

Here are the most popular iPhone today, the results may surprise you

These days we often speak of the possible presentation in March of a new iPhone with 4-inch display, a return to the dimensions that preceded the arrival of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus markets in 2014 , early Apple smartphone to dare with diagonals.

Last update of the iOS system freezing iPhone if repaired informally

In the past we have heard many reports about the current cost of the reform process of the iPhone at Apple stores. This is why many people sometimes go to repair shops, which are mostly in the process of repair at much lower prices. But if you're thinking of going that route, here's something you should take into account.

Many iPhone owners await iPhone 7

Many current owners of terminals are waiting for iPhone 7 to launch, according to a study conducted earlier this year in the u.s., Bank of America and Merrill Lynch discover that not less than 42% of the study participants, who own iPhone, await iPhone 7.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

iPad Air 3 - new details about the features and dimensions

iPad Air 3 is the second important product that the Apple company will present with iPhone 5se in the conference on 15 March, organized at the moment, they are going to be central parts offer Apple this spring.

iPhone 5se-new details about the pink color, iPad and Mac

Yesterday I said that iPhone 5se Pink will be released by Apple in March, the pink color is described as one intense, much closer to that of iPods than the iPhone 6S, but various sources have contradicted this information during the night past.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

iPhone 5se to be released in a new color

iPhone 5se to be released by Apple with a new color to mark as befits the beginning of a new terminal iPhone market, the Cupertino thinking deep pink as the color of the future new device.

TimeAlarm allow easier management of alarms in iOS 9

Time Alarm is a tweak available in Cydia during last night for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and with his help we can have total control of alarms set in the iOS 9 operating system, they are accessible from any interface.

Friday, February 5, 2016

WhatsApp wins support video calls, learn how

Who would want to imitate FaceTime with contacts WhatsApp can finally breathe relieved. Thanks to the application Booyah, who uses the most famous messenger of mobile systems can use the front camera of your mobile device to see and be seen by your friends or colleagues, making virtual communication more fun and carefree work.

Apple stops signing the iOS 9.2 firmware, making it impossible to downgrade

Apple stopped signing iOS 9.2 firmware for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch on Thursday, which prevents users from running downgrades of iOS 9.2.1 to iOS 9.2 via iTunes.